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tv   Headline News  RT  April 18, 2013 3:00pm-3:29pm EDT

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what. you're witnessing there the devastating fertilizer factory explosion in texas that's killed up to fifteen and left over one hundred sixty wounded it was a massive blast likened to a nuclear bomb it leveled buildings for blocks in every directions tonight no questions raised than over why such a plant was allowed near a school a nursing home and a hospital. in what's become a dark week for the united states thinking of boston today now the images are released which could show the suspect behind the barrel and bombings while an envelope laced with toxic rice it is sent to president obama. in the wake of those tragic events the u.s. house of representatives now passing a bill tonight authorizing internet providers to share data with the government to avert attacks is fueling criticism over the crackdown on privacy. reporting to you know to formula one protests in bahrain didn't outsold
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a glamorous race while the human rights abuses mount with fresh reports of police firing tear gas at a few areas demonstrate. very good even if you just joined us money kevin zero in this is r t just after eleven pm now moscow time the big story dominating tonight we've got the latest developments in the u.s. state of texas where that massive blast ripped through a fertilizer plant early police say up to fifteen people were killed at least one hundred sixty have been injured there but emergency crews searching for survivors are fearful that as many as seventy people may have died. thank you but i think. so funding for the people the explosion of the force the
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experts say of a minor earthquake it destroyed several buildings flattened them totally being suing place spread to nearby apartment blocks and schools to fire the plants under control but several firefighters and police officers are feared dead officials are shut down power supplies evacuated because of what went so badly wrong here still not yet known very early days police say they're going to begin an investigation once rescue operations are over but that so far there's no evidence of foul play. in this. the mayor of west texas spoke to was just to confirm some of the facts of the disaster that we've seen here sixteen homes have been damaged in this explosion are doing those are the homes that are closest to the blast site we were in town just a few minutes earlier and saw that there were several other businesses which also sustained some damage to the windows which were blown out
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a search and recovery situation we try to get as close to the fed as we could police putting a radius of about a mile around the site which is still considered to be dangerous for people to approach her about half of the town of twenty six hundred people have been evacuated so far the mayor gave a dire assessment of the extent of the damage here today and even before that when he was. trying to describe the scene of the explosion he described it as a as a nuclear blast we've seen other first responders call it you know compared to iraq and one witness who i spoke to earlier this evening said that when he showed up at the scene. row of houses that were nearest to the fertilizer plant were not even recognizable they had been leveled down to pretty much just rubble and garbage and we had a conversation with the spokesman of
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a local hospital where patients are receiving treatment you mentioned the casualties i just want us to listen to what he had to say i had our facility we are one of two receiving. the trenches from the from the blast right now we have seen sixty five patients one of which is critical the majority of the ones we've seen had had variety of broken bones head injuries and a lot of them and have had highs or some own change elation from the from the fertilizer plant we have had a. massive. response from our medical our doctors our nurses are written towards turkish and they and they have been able to treat and released most of the one students who have had the exposure to the to the mound yet we have had twelve admissions of the sixty five patients we've seen there have been law enforcement agencies and first responders coming from throughout the state of texas to respond
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to this emergency so i can tell you i was there i walked through the blast area a search some houses earlier tonight massive just like iraq just like the murray building in oklahoma city same county exploded so you can imagine what kind of damage we're looking out there. i know that was at least seventy five to fifty fifty to seventy five houses damaged there's apartment complex that has about fifty units in it that was completely. just skeleton standing and there's a nursing home in the area that one hundred thirty three people in the nursing home we've got them evacuated i don't know what their injuries are are there right now but all injuries have been removed from the scene and taken to local hospitals in the waco area we had numerous agencies helping us all the way from the dallas fort worth area mclennan county stone field boss key and all the surrounding areas so
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we've had a great turnout. to come out to help us get through this tragedy that we've had in this small community. people banded together as best they can they will the explosion at the texas fertilizer plant highlighted shortcomings now in the u.s. system of industrial risk management the fertilizer plant had reported that it only held around twenty four kilograms of and hydrous ammonia far less than the was bullied for being twenty tons that went up here and the report stated there were no fire or explosive risks the worst possible scenario indeed that he didn't visit was a ten minute release of ammonia gas but without any casualties this latest blast shook houses eighty kilometers away it was that big resulting in a rising number of injuries and deaths a washington correspondent says safety at the plant had been questioned before. this fertilizer plant that exploded in west texas on wednesday night was fined by the environmental protection agency in two thousand and six full failing to have a risk legend and that federal standard so that was back in two thousand and six
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according to the e.p.a. a risk management plan is designed to ensure a chemical accident is don't happen by having safeguards in place to prevent them according to construction permits submitted a november that year this company west fertilizer valid still need all standards expected for and i had. ammonia storage tanks and he was one of those tanks that blew up this one saying i did the bad news is the way in the toxic chemicals that it's spreading around the area many of those surveyed hospitalized suffered from ammonia and whole asia here's what experts say about the spread of those toxic chemicals were fertilizer as we know is extremely combustible so it's been used in bombs and so its manufacture is extremely delicate and can easily if handled wrong or if handled and safely can lead to explosion so we have to assume at this point that it is such a chemical explosion that's happened there at the plant and when you're handling
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chemicals like this there is a possibility that there can be chemical contamination that could be would need to be cleaned up in the aftermath of the explosion so they'll undoubtedly be extensive monitoring of the areas around the plant in order to make sure that whatever chemicals have been spread around can be cleaned up to reduce future toxicity to the residents with the kinds of winds that blow in such big intense fires there will be airborne distribution. so there's nothing that can be done while the event just happening what will be done is is assessment and cleanup in the aftermath currently people are being evacuated because of the dangers to for further explosions for fire to spread and also for spread around of some of the chemicals from the plant however those will almost certainly be deposited close to the plant and it will be possible to get in there make assessments and to clean up some of the area in the future so those are the primary dangers. that's going to be in the
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coming hours days weeks of course we'll be getting as scientists views on what could have caused the explosion today at this fertilizer plant professor christopher busby from the european committee on radiation risk suspects another may be more dangerous compound was involved and hydrous ammonia on its own would not be able to produce the kind of devastation that we hear is occurring over there it seems much more likely to me that like the other monium nitrate plant explosions in history particularly the one in one hundred twenty one in germany and there was one also in texas in one hundred forty seven is that somehow the ammonium nitrate itself the fertilizer material that was produced by this long to explode it now it's quite easy to detonate ammonium nitrate in fact ammonium nitrate was used in the war as am a toll as a as a war explosive and ammonium nitrate is a constituent of many explosives and i don't think that this was caused by an ammonia by iran harder simonyan ammonia tank exploding course ammonia itself is
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very toxic so if you heat ammonium nitrate to about three hundred fifty degrees it dissociates into ammonia and nitrite acid and so these two things would be quite toxic fumes to anybody inhaling them. well there's some of the theory for the science where the events were catastrophic will show the map of where this planet is there we go it's just there focus on it oh ok well that's the fertilizer plant you can see how close it was to a nursing home to the middle school it was eight o'clock in the evening local time this luckily kids went out playing maybe they could have people playing sport there but we don't think so at the hospital very close to it as well this blast was felt eighty kilometers away flats felt the blast that far away close to home some of them were just absolutely leveled. you can see as to say how close it was a lot of questions being asked now and how wise is that. at a time when we've seen this happen other alarms maybe raised residents think he
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will hang on as a plant just down the road from me in fact that so many plants there are chemical plants kind of like it across america the dealing in nitrogen phosphate potash all potentially explosives explosive if they're in the wrong kind of conditions and also big question marks asked as well being raised now by what's happened there in texas about whether these plants are reporting back correctly the amounts of these chemicals they've actually got we got some more thought sir dr jeffrey patterson i spoke to him bit earlier on he's a professor of science at the school of medicine at wisconsin he thinks that lax federal regulation is to blame he thinks is a bigger picture to at least take a listen. there's been this montreaux that we have to deregulate we have to take away regulations so business can thrive and obviously we see examples like this or fukushima for example where when we do that we suffer the consequences in the end
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and so i think and we're seeing it with the environmental protection agency today where they are promulgating new regulations if there is another to push a virtual bill that will allow all of the clean up to be in much more lax than it currently is and not force people to be moved out of the area because of radiation damage so there's this tremendous move. to to deregulate things to take away the powers of the e.p.a. and other regulatory agencies and i think that's we're seeing now that that's a very dangerous precedent so that as we've heard this big tragedy in texas has highlighted risk management failures in the u.s. has raised concerns over aging infrastructure too and also been a really weak for the united states we're going to focus on boston now as well images now being released there which could show the suspect behind the marathon bombings been charged over an envelope laced with toxic rice and it was sent to president obama. say discuss this turbulent situation this week in the u.s.
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we don't you correspondent report nine. it is no secret that america's crumbling infrastructure is considered the most dangerous domestic circumstance lurking in every corner of the country for many many years the american society of civil engineers has given the u.s. grade d. plus when it comes to its infrastructure and there's many reasons that the first first and foremost is because the u.s. is not investing in fixing its infrastructure its bridges its tunnels its airports its security system environmentalists also are saying that safety inspectors are going in and inciting certain facilities such as the one we're seeing in texas with failing grades for not having the appropriate risk management plans in place or not having the right upgraded systems we've seen that massive explosion in taxes and of course a recently of the boston met boston marathon bombings i let's talk
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a little bit about that how slow way all in terms of investigating and catching the . changes all the mess of bombing what federal officials say so far is that they are going in on finding a man who work that they saw in surveillance video that dropped a bag shortly before the bombs ignited the. well as well as a boston bombings just has been closely following what's been going on in texas today they've been following the tragedy from the. footage from eyewitnesses gauging twitter reaction getting pictures from the scene as well we invite you to head to a website called to keep across developments minute by minute from us. or the show was simply different no the controversial cyber intelligence sharing protection act been approved but i was the representative one of the congressmen of monday's deadly bombings in boston as
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a reason to pass it just gets more details on this show we talked to r.t. america's website producer andrew blake he's been closely following the debates over the bill either andrew still seems a bit a bit of limbo at the moment doesn't it what are the chances that it's actually going to get through all the block which way is it going to go. ok well you know it did pass the house today it's going to have to move on to the senate and it should these u.s. senators to agree to advance it like the house did today and send it over to the white house it's an up to president obama to is name to it and then from there we have said however just earlier this week top aides for the white house actually said that we will recommend the president veto this legislation so should have passed the senate there is this warning that the president will not sign it will actually completely reject it but we have to keep in mind this is a president who has said before his aides have said before that they will do one thing and i've done another you have to look any further than the national defense authorization act the n.d.a. passed in late twentieth levin in that case the president said he would veto it and
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sure enough he signed into law so there is a chance that you know that these threats are meaningless in this whole thing is moot but i really going to see what happens in the senate before we can actually take it from there remind our viewers many of which are in america why this act is causing so much controversy. so the for the cyber sharing intelligence. for sharing and protection act it's come under a lot of criticism by its opponents because they say that it does more than what the authors say it does now the authors of cispa they say that this bill will let businesses private companies google facebook and any internet provider these companies will be encouraged to share information with the federal government that will be used to track down and monitor and curb its cyber attacks aimed at the united states computers now in theory yes it would do that cisco would a lot of the government to have access to this information and it would remove
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liability from these companies but at the same time critics say that it puts too much of americans privacy at risk and that the right safeguards are there so in turn people would be sacrificing their privacy for a little bit of security and the opponents of the bill say that the balance just hasn't been struck and it needs to go back and lawmakers need to try again to find a legislation that will handle the cyber security concerns while also making american people feel like they are at ease and that their communications will not be targeted. the supporters the bill wasted no time in mentioning the boston bombings as reach departs the bill do i have a point. you know you know it was almost comical when when the bill was introduced back in february i believe one of the areas for the second time representative or one of the authors of the bill he said you know we can't have another nine eleven we can't have another terrorist attack it but if we do we will pass any law that needs to happen sure enough just a few hours ago another congressman i believe it was representative mccall not
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certain there the whole story is on our t. dot com slash usa but another congressman he actually got up and said well look what happened in boston these were bombs sure they weren't digital bombs but the next ones will be digital bombs so we need to come together for the sake of national security and do something and that's exactly why a lot of people have problems with this bill because the people who are touting it the people who are writing it are people who don't really understand the cyber security concerns another lawmaker actually said that we can leaks was a happening group and they're happening in the united states infrastructure this is also unfounded claims so there's a lot of concern over who is coming up with this bill who is supporting it and what they actually know about cyber security. incident this morning saying that you know boston would be reason enough to pass a cyber security bill is laughable to many people we're following closely as well because when producer andrew blake. now coming up the glamour over the ground coming to power a lovely but. pleading. for the break that of demonstrators
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a struggling to draw attention to human rights abuses. technology innovation all the developments around russia we. covered.
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the book about international airport in the very heart of moscow. hello again in bahrain protests against this weekend's formula one grand prix of turn violent demonstrators are furious at the thought his decision to go ahead with the elite event despite growing complaints of human rights abuses in the country is our middle east correspondent paul asli. protests across the country turned violent as head of their country's hosting of the formula one grand prix this weekend the bahraini white police used tear gas and stun grenades against the shiite protesters
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who were hurling petrol bombs at the joint among the fowls of protesters on the street was noted blood formula and all race is a crime they are denouncing both the king and the prime minister they accuse them of using such a huge sporting event to bring in money which in turn they say the regime uses to buy weapons that it uses against the people at the same time they are denouncing the organizers of the event saying that they are turning a blind eye to the abysmal human rights record of the regime and that such a sporting event should not go ahead now there have been a number of arrests mostly by people who were burning cars by people who were blocking roads and general be causing public disorder the protesters have been on the streets already for week they've dubbed the past week the volcano's of fire that despite this the government is pushing for the event to go ahead this despite the fact that there's so much anger on the streets and also the criticism from many human rights organizations who say that besides the human rights abuses by the
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regime in the past few days they've stepped up the repressive actions of the security personnel to quell any kind of criticism against this weekend's event back in two thousand and eleven the event was canceled but the government wants it to go ahead this if it's continuing to say that there will be a big turnout and this despite the fact that we have seen a number of big sponsors indicating that they're going to reduce their support and their sponsorship or swear we're told i should the terms use a journalist who's written much about the troubled part of the world asked of why bahrain is trying to attract global attention when it's in so much social turmoil it. i guess the easy answer would be to say that clearly for family the dictators that rule this thora tarion dictatorship their would say yeah they just stupid but actually it shows a confident they are of the help of president obama to support the human rights
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abuses and i've got to say of course britain scotland yard's deputy commissioner is down there presumably handling the anti terror so-called devices actually crowd control devices tear gas and so forth that has been responsible for killing people and perhaps even torture equipment shock batons and so forth but having said that they were also not as confident perhaps because in the past year as i understand it they've arrested for these detained a british television crew from a mainstream media channel here so they're trying to stop the media covering what's going on and having said all that people like jenson button lewis hamilton i wonder if this all anonymously anonymous organizations that because they're all under threat friday saturday sunday after the big race in manama. you know all of this is threatening all of them and saying everyone better be aware for how are they going to hack and attack anyone involved told recently to wiki leaks julian assange this he told us why he thinks bahrain's abuses are being ignored just a listening. the united states. should be hated by the states because it's to do
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with the u.s. naval base that's right. critically right he's very close to. its close story where. he was a sort of control. but so far i mean kim kardashian. and these are the people who. murdered the bahraini regime you see kim kardashian putting up twenty dollars to tweet about how wonderful it is for training for next to the sheik or it is this costing these people are disgusting as usual he's not mincing is would. millions of us watch full well we talked about the positive spin maybe putting on it a formula one of putting on it what a budget for the protest is are they going to get any spin or this is what is going to alert people to their plight. well the authorities arrested everyone how ironic
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he had julian assange the british police are outside where he's speaking ready to pounce on him for all given the extraordinary rendition the united states and the british police are advising the dictators of bahrain it'll be very interesting to see whether the protests will be able to get near or whether other types of actions will have to take place but certainly if you're a racing driver handling. chain equipment and so forth in manama this weekend certainly the possibility of violent protests you must remember that though the majority oppose this dictatorship and want to arab spring in that country even in apartheid south africa the majority supported the violence movement nelson mandela's terrorist profile and movement the african national congress will have to see how violent the protests get against this brutal khalifa regime that we're following up to the weekend we'll keep posted up stay with us to of got more on the aftermath of the deadly blast of the texas fertilizer plant at around thirty
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minutes abuse continues today with our latest coverage on com coming up though well when we come back after the break tonight's. wealthy british style. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports on. me is eve eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat seafood. see.
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